Saturday, September 22, 2012

AAS' Elite Snowboard Training Program

Adaptive Action Sports is extremely proud and honored to serve the adaptive community with another winter season of world-class competitive snowboard programming.

AAS has played an active role in helping to establish snowboarding as a Paralympic sport. We did this, in part, by focusing the world’s attention on the sport by organizing the Adaptive Snowboarder X race that has been included for the past two years in the ESPN Winter X Games. Public attention to adaptive snowboarding has also been drawn by AAS-sponsored snowboard training camps and races which have been held in connection with various USASA competitions since 2005.

AAS has produced the most accomplished US adaptive snowboarders in the world including: WSF World Champion Evan Strong; the top ranked US female snowboarder Amy Purdy; X Games competitor Brandon Robins; and USASA National Champion Calob Leindecker. This season AAS will be offering a new “Adaptive-Snowboard” training program to continue its unparalleled track record.

Our Pipeline and Tier Concepts: For the past several years, AAS has been anticipating the eventual recognition of adaptive snowboarding as a Paralympic sport. In response, we have developed our snow programs to continually: (1) welcome new participants and (2) provide training that allows individuals to improve their skill sets in accordance with their specific abilities and interests. As a result, AAS athletes include those at the introductory through elite levels.

Our Introductory/Intermediate Pipeline Training Camps: In 2012-2013, as we have in past seasons, we will offer several Pipeline camps. In addition to meeting the immediate snowboarding goals of individual participants at all levels of expertise, these trainings will create an environment for advanced participants to decide if they want to take it to the top by training and perhaps competing for a spot on the US Adaptive Snowboarding Team.

Our Elite Para-Snowboard Training program, initiated in 2011-12, is for individuals who have potential and commitment to compete for a spot on the 2014 US Para-Snowboard Team. The program in 2012-13 will deliver ongoing instruction and coaching – according to individual training plans (ITPs) – to four military/veteran participants and approximately seven non-military participants. The ITPs will include: (a) an on-snow training and coaching program at Copper Mountain Ski Resort with full-time access to a dedicated boarder cross course; (b) a top quality inclusive and integrated life style and cross training regimen; and (c) where appropriate, an at-home supplemental practice program to be monitored by AAS program staff. The ITPs will be based on principles and techniques from an adaptive boarder cross manual, the development of which is currently being spearheaded by AAS.

Training at the elite level will include instruction by internationally-recognized Olympic-level snowboarder cross coaches who will be selected for their ability to work with adaptive athletes. AAS Instructors and Coaches, under direction of the lead AAS coach, will reinforce training provided by the Olympic-level coaches.

If you are interested in participating in these groundbreaking snowboard programs, make sure to check early this fall for dates and sign up information. You can also email us for more details at