Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Amy Purdy posters are back! Support the cause!

Amy Posters are back! These posters have been popular in schools, offices and medical facilities! Inspire your clients and students and support a good cause at the same time! Funds raised will go to support Adaptive Action Sport programs for youth, young adults and wounded vets so they can get involved in action sports like skateboarding and snowboarding.

Posters are $20 which includes shipping. All posters will ship after September 15th 2012! For shipment or order issues please email the store manager at shop@adacs.org

The first poster is the original Amy Purdy Element Skateboards "Power to the Planet poster which appeared in Teen Vogue last year.

The Quote reads : "When we embrace the things that make us unique, our true and remarkable capabilities are revealed. Live Beyond Limits - Amy Purdy"

The second poster is from an Element Skateboards ad for the Amy Purdy Signature Skateboard which was available in 2009.

The quote reads: " Instead of thinking of how we are limited, lets begin to think of the unlimited possibilities Live Beyond Limits - Amy Purdy"