Monday, September 12, 2011

AAS Presents A.S.X. "Adaptive Snowboard X" Championship Series!

This December, 2011, Adaptive Action Sports initiates A.S.X (Adaptive Snowboarder X-Cross), a championship stand-alone signature series of open competitions for permanently disabled snowboarders. The 4-event series provides adaptive riders, whose numbers have escalated in the past few years, their first opportunity to compete for cash and prize purses. 

Event spectators will enjoy, on a larger and more frequent scale, the same action, skill and inspirational courage that adaptive riders have recently displayed on AAS-hosted USASA (Undited States of America Snowboard Association) and X Games bordercross courses.   

AAS will adopt a classification and standards system for A.S.X.  In order to promote fair competition, the system will be designed to delineate the effect and impact of various disabilities and their level of impairment on, for instance, the athlete’s balance and mobility.

In 2011-2012, the A.S.X. competitions will be held separate from, but coinciding with the last day of, four AAS Pipeline learn-to-ride-and-race clinics. (See schedule.) To provide race experience for clinic participants, amateur-level competitions will be held on the last morning of each clinic. The championship competitions, registration for which will be limited to intermediate and advanced riders, will immediately follow. 

After an incredibly successful Summer X Games 17 Skateboard Competition, The Shoe City Invitational, with a cash and prize purse of over $3000.00, AAS will strive to create a similar rewards package at each stop of the A.S.X. Championship Series with a finals to outweigh them all!

The A.S.X. Championship Competition Series is going to kick A.A.S.!!! 

·         A.S.X. will elevate the status of adaptive snowboarding to a professional level!
·         A.S.X. will provide exciting, energetic and inspirational action sports events to an ever-growing spectator audience!
·         A.S.X. will provide the increasing numbers of skilled adaptive snowboarders an opportunity to compete against their peers for cash and prizes!
·         A.S.X. will provide industry sponsors highly-visible opportunities to link their brand to admirable athletes and inspirational athletic events with high international appeal. Interested in putting your brand name on the A.S.X. Series? Join the likes of Google, Vans and Volcom as we make history! Contact AAS Development Director Amy Purdy with sponsorship inquiries at  

Registration opens on Sept. 30th for A.S.X. Series Races 1 and 2. Plan on attending A.S.X. series stop 2 or 3 if you want to compete in the finals for the big bucks and the title!

Finals will be held at the USASA Nationals in Copper Mountain Colorado. A USASA membership is required to compete. USASA events are open to all adaptive riders competing in the A.S.X. series or not. For additional information on USASA visit A.S.X. cash and prize packages are only given to those registered with Adaptive Action Sports. Cash and prize package amounts are yet to be determined. Cash and prize packages will be distributed throughout the entire competing field.

Dates are subject to change. X Games event is subject to cancellation and will be an invite only event.

For additional information, contact AAS Executive Director Daniel Gale at or visit the AAS website at