Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shoe City Invitational at the ESPN Summer X Games 17 by AAS

July 31, 2011, will be a big day at the Summer XGames for adaptive skaters. 

Adaptive Action Sports – with support from Shoe City -- will host a morning learn-to-ride clinic (9-10 a.m.) followed by an invitation-only skate competition from 11 a.m. to noon.  A 30-minute practice session will precede the competition.  The events will take place in downtown Los Angeles at the official X Games interactive skate park in the X Games village. 

The morning clinic and afternoon events, called The AAS Vet X Experience, will be open to permanently disabled youth and veterans, particularly those living in the Los Angeles area.  Oscar Loreto, Director of the new LA Skateboard Sector for AAS, will direct the coaching program.  Basic level skills will be offered for first-time skaters and practiced riders will receive assistance in improving their current techniques.  (See Camp Woodward: Steven and Oscar “No Handicap Here” on Fuel TV to see Oscar’s coaching in action.)
Additional AAS staff and athletes, including below-the-knee amputee and skateboard champion Evan Strong, will be available to help assure that clinic participants receive individual attention and support.
Protec will provide protective gear (helmets and pads) for the session and skateboards will be provided by Element. Passes to attend the day’s X Games events will be awarded to veterans, who register for and participate in the clinic.  The participants will also have the opportunity to meet several X Games pro athletes and will be provided lunch.

The Competition will feature 10 to 12 adaptive skateboarders, invited by Adaptive Action Sports.  Guest judges will score the event and a purse of $2500 will be awarded by Shoe City to the rider with the highest overall score. 

The Shoe City AAS competition will be the third in a summer adaptive skateboard series sponsored by Shoe City in 2011.  The preceding competitions will be held on June 25 by Life Rolls On at the Venice Skate Park in Venice Beach, CA, and by Extremity Games on June 24-25 at Texas Ski Ranch, San Antonio, TX. 

For more information on the Shoe City/AAS events, contact AAS Executive Director Daniel Gale at or AAS LA Skate Sector Director Oscar Loreto at 

Aaron Fotheringham at the AAS Adaptive Skate Jam during Summer X 16

Mike Rodgers from Grind for Life at X Games 16

Kurt Yeager at X 16