Sunday, May 1, 2011

Drastic Changes at Summer X Games

ESPN is making big changes at Summer XGames…

Although no press release has been published by ESPN, it is official:  

Moto Super X has been dropped from the X Games program for Summer 2011. This, unfortunately, means that the X Game’s “Adaptive” Moto Super X division has also been tabled. The decision is due to budget constraints within the X Games franchise.  For the same reason, the Adaptive Skateboard Jam has also been cut.  

Daniel Gale, AAS Director and official Sport Organizer for all Summer XGames “Adaptive” programming, notes that, at this time, he still hopes that the 2nd annual Adaptive Snowboarder X will return to the Winter X Games at Aspen, Colorado, in 2012.  

He adds that “Adaptive Action Sports will continue to work with ESPN and the X Games to develop new and exciting programs within the current X Games program format.  In the meantime, we will be at the AAS Booth in the Team ESPN tent in the Summer X Games Village.  Please plan to visit!”

AAS continues to officially support the Extremity Games’ adaptive motocross race.  (For information on the Extremity Games, visit  

To keep Adaptive Moto X momentum going, AAS proposes forming a coalition of individuals and organizations interested in developing an adaptive motocross series. “We all have contributed,” says Gale, “in creating a new sport and that sport deserves a permanent home.”   

If you are interested in being a part of the “Adaptive Motocross Coalition” or have additional questions regarding the X Games events, please contact Daniel Gale via email at