Sunday, January 16, 2011

Adaptive Snowboarder X and Adaptive Snocross @ the ESPN X Games!!

Competitive adaptive snow-sports including snowmobiling and snowboarding -- or snowboarding for the disabled -- have progressed in leaps and bounds over the past decade. For adaptive snowboarding, with the Paralympics as an end goal, the United States has forged the way.
In 2005, Adaptive Action Sports (AAS) -- a nationally- recognized California nonprofit that creates “action sports” opportunities for disabled athletes, worked with the United States of America Snowboard Association (USASA) to create a competitive “adaptive” division within the USASA schedule. The adaptive division grew and, in 2008, USASA -- in partnership with AAS -- hosted the first-ever Adaptive World Championship of Snowboarding. This event was sanctioned by the World Snowboard Federation (WSF). It marked a turning point for the growing sport, triggering worldwide involvement and fueling a push for the Paralympics.

In 2014, in Sochi Russia, the international adaptive snowboarding community hopes to bring a new sport to the Paralympic Games: Adaptive Boardercross or “Para-Snowboarding” as it has been called. To help prepare adaptive riders (including veterans) for this goal, AAS has created a Pipeline of programs and camps. The programs/camps are intended as a pathway through which a permanently disabled snowboarder progresses from one skill level to another. Novices may become recreational snowboarders, who may become competitive racers. Some will eventually emerge onto the Paralympic scene.

Through the AAS Pipeline, campers are given snowboard instruction at their appropriate skill level. They are introduced -- and given access -- to USASA regional events. They are encouraged to participate in the annual USASA National Competition. Pipeliners may elect to compete in a sanctioned World Cup/Championship event and ultimately, with some help, they may enter the Paralympic Games.

In support of the AAS Pipeline concept and the goal of seeing Adaptive Snowboarding included in the Paralympics, ESPN X Games is partnering with AAS, to host the first Adaptive Snowboarder X at Winter X Games 15 in Aspen, Colorado, on January 30th. Being recognized by, and included in, the ESPN Winter X Games – the premiere and largest “action sports” competition in the world – will provide adaptive snowboarding a major boost in the effort for Sochi 2014. Click here to read more from the ESPN Action Sports Website:

Additional to the Snowboarder X AAS will also act as the Co-Sports Organizer for the 3rd Adaptive Snowcross Finals at Winter X Games 15. This exciting side by side snowmobile race will feature 6 riders including Jim Wazny a single above knee amputee. Click here to read more about Jim on the ESPN Action Sports website:

Official Athlete Invite Lists

Adaptive Snowboarder X

Evan Strong
Ian Lockey
Dan Monzo
Tyler Mosher
Mike Shea
Keith Deutsch

Adaptive Snocross Finals

Jesse Gildea
Doug Henry
Chris Heppding
Mike Schultz
Jeff Tweet
Jim Wazny

For more information about AAS and our programs please visit or contact Adaptive Action Sports at For more information regarding adaptive events at the ESPN X Games please contact X Games Sport Organizer and AAS Executive Director/Co-Founder Daniel Gale at For media and sponsorship inquiries please contact AAS Development Director and Co-Founder Amy Purdy.