Thursday, June 24, 2010


Extremity Games was so fun this year! Much smaller then the years before but much more intimate. This years event was at a new venue called the Texas Ski Ranch. It is the best venue by far, everything is in one spot and there is a great breeze that blows through, so although its 100 degrees outside, it doesn't feel like it! Make sure to keep up on the AAS and Extremity website for information about EX 6! Hope to see you there!

Make new friends in Texas.

Love these guys! Alex and AAS Advocate and Element Skater Oscar Loreto in the New Element inspired AAS Shirts!

Can't go wrong with pink and tie dyed ductape!

Monster Mikes Moto X and now Wakeboard Leg! So badass, wish mine looked this cool!

We are learning that not only does he kill it in Moto X but in just about everything else!

The perfect Hi Five! Oscar has 1 and Brandon has 4!!

Billy one armed and upside down! Amazing!

AAS Advocate Oscar Loreto! Check him out Representing Element Skateboards and AAS on the FUEL TV reality show Camp Woodward!

This newbie Stephan killed it! Nice footwork man, won him a gold medal!

AAS took over running the wakeboard clinic. New AAS advocate Brandon is the best teacher, he can get anyone up on a board and pulling tricks in no time!

AAS Booth! Thanks Element for all your support!

The man behind the scenes AAS Executive Director Daniel Gale... thanks for all your hard work!

AAS Directors Amy and Daniel

Doesn't get cuter then this! Next year he will be on boards with us, right Dad?

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